But you always need to be careful not to judge a hitch based on a single user review. Measure the distance between the ground and the coupler, and from the ground to the rear and front bumper. Price: $438.90 Add to Cart. Take, for example, the Fastway 92-00-1000. Equip your tow vehicles with superior quality weight distribution hitches, and you might not go back to low-quality models again. They activate when they receive signals from the tow car brakes to stop the connected towed vehicles. Drop Length. Weight Distribution Hitch. This hitch can keep heavy trailers stable, even when driving at high speeds. This hitch has bars with positive latching action, which ensures smooth rides. If youre tired of bouncing trailer hitches, then check out this product. These figures translate to powerful towing prowess suited for pulling many trailers and RVs. Rather than the rear axle of the tow vehicle taking on all of the weight of the trailer, a weight distribution hitch transfers the weight evenly across the frame of the trailer and the frame of the tow vehicle. If your trailer weighs 2000 pounds in total, this should make up about 60% of it. They come in various sizes, and choosing one that fits your needs is essential for efficient use and the proper maintenance of your towing system. Interested buyers should take note to have the necessary power tools ready. Something went wrong. Regardless of the brand of hitch I thought I would post general guidelines that work for me. Our true recommendation would be to use these techniques along with (rather than in place of) one of the best weight distribution hitch options we reviewed above. It has an overall weight that falls under 60 lbs. This weight distribution hitch is a What You See is What You Get deal, and thats a good thing. Always aim to have the front half of the trailer carry 60% of its total weight. Many also include a package of clips and pins to secure the hitch bar, brackets, and other elements in place. But, its important to note that this model tends to make some noises during turns. Perhaps the easiest way to ensure that your final hitch choice is going to last is to consult a host of consumer reviews. So we recommend looking for a hitch that comes with pre-installed components. RiversideTrailer is reader-supported. Best Budget-Friendly: EAZ LIFT 48053 Elite Bent Bar Weight Distributing Hitch, 3. Some truck and trailer combos require you do buy a different shank which allows more drop or rise. EAZ Lift Weight Distribution Hitch 48056 600 lbs. The TruTrack weight distribution hitch with sway control offers precise levelling of your tow vehicle and trailer. The head can also accept varying spring bar weight capacities, thereby promoting optimal versatility. Increased payload: While a weight distribution hitch will not actually increase the payload of your trailer, it can help to distribute the weight more evenly. Unlike chain-style load distribution hitches, the ground clearance provided by this product is a sight to behold. EAZ LIFT is actually made by Camco, which is one of the more reliable brands in the industry. Shop with us today for high quality trailer hitches and gear that is strong and versatile. A weight-carrying hitch is your typical connection using a trailer ball on a simple mount arm. Make sure that the shank is in the tube fully. Users can take advantage of this guarantee for parts damaged from natural causes. The biggest weight distribution hitch is not always the best investment. Its unlikely that the kit will hit many obstructions on the road, thanks to its trunnion bars design. Item # BLU82XR. However, it would seem that some corners were cut to reach its price point. C) Place the Caravans tow point on the spacer. sign up for the Go Together Go Far Newsletter! Purchasing this kit is going to be a wise decision as it provides the best value for money. This ensures you will not have issues in either direction, keeping you and everyone on the road safe and secure. Even though it is a 2 point system, it drives very well, and you do not feel sway when driving. Sway Controls To Prevent Sway From Starting. Eaz-Lift Elite Weight Distributing Hitch Kit, Includes Distribution Hitch, Sway Control and 2-5/16" Hitch Ball - 800 lbs Tongue Weight Capacity - 48057. Insert the weight distribution shank into the receiver tube. If your trailer starts to move out of line, the friction pads within the telescoping arm of the bar keep it from extending too far, which cuts down the side-to-side movement of your trailer. 3. Thus, its relatively easy to discover which trailer weight is compatible with it. But the durability of a weight distribution hitch extends a little bit beyond whether or not it has a corrosion-resistant finish. . Other essential factors to consider while shopping for weight distribution hitches are tow vehicle height, A-frame depth, shank type, and price. Choose an option 8" 6". These fittings are built directly into the head and provide lubrication at the spring bar mounting location. EAZ Lift 48059-A Weight Distributing Hitch, 6. The short answer is, No. Wobbles are practically non-existent with this model. A weight distribution hitch alters the point where the load from the trailer is transferred to the vehicle. No hard feelings. The added downward force placed on the hitch junction can cause the nose of your tow vehicle to lift up. You can start by determining the amount of weight the additional load adds to your vehicles tow ball. These figures indicate that the hitch can handle relatively heavy trailers without bending or breaking. The most lightweight round bar hitch on our list is the Fastway 10K RB e2 hitch. These models generally come with electronic brakes. A weight distribution system has other functions, like shifting part of the tongue weight from the tow vehicle's back axle to its front axle. Your second measurement should be higher as the weight of your trailer takes some of the weight off . Like CURT, Andersen Hitches began with humble beginnings. If you have a trailer with a GTW of 4000 lbs, the tongue weight sits between 400 and 700 lbs. But the best weight distribution hitch will keep everything in line so you can feel much safer when towing your trailer. It safely makes towing a trailer safer and makes your trailer less likely to fishtail or bounce at higher speeds. Make sure you also read through the Buying Guide to learn how to compare these hitches and choose the best model for your setup. This hitch has top-quality features, such as superb trailer sway reduction and an easy-to-follow installation guide. A) Place a piece of timber between a your bathroom scales and something like a brick to get to same height. If the hitch is too high for the travel trailer, it will tip backward, creating a slanted profile . These affiliate advertising programs are designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to partner sites. The Best Weight Distribution Hitch Reviews 1. It even comes with a wrench in the box. If you can find a hitch that users are continuously reporting to be easy to install, you can rest assured that your own process wont become a tedious headache. What You Need To Know. I have the 4" drop/rise for the truck and the 8" drop rise for my van. Hitches that serve this purpose either rely on independent friction sway control or dependent sway control. Loosening some of the bolts with the right wrench gets the job done quickly. More importantly, trailers that are hitched too high are also more . If your trailer is too heavy for the hitch, it wont be capable of properly distributing the weight. That would imply 950-1100 lbs of tongue (hitch) weight. How do I know how much my vehicle can tow? The Blue Ox BXW1000 has a maximum tongue weight rating of 1,000 pounds and a maximum gross weight rating of 10,000 pounds. Those who want to buy a hitch to tow their carriers, trailers, and RVs cant ignore this kit. The CURT 17062 round bar weight distribution hitch is a complete kit to give you everything you need for the best possible weight distribution and sway control. Tongue weight is the percentage of the load that rests directly on the hitch. More buying choices $697.03 (10 new offers) Its still possible to measure the weight without using this tool, but its going to be quite difficult. Its not too cheap, and it wont break the bank either. If it is not, it will sway strongly, particularly if towed by a vehicle that is lighter. Hence, these models tend to focus on pulling carriers and travel trailers. For an RV accessory thats consistently exposed to dirt, debris, rain, and other elements, its important to know its going to last. It works with my 2019 Chevrolet Silverado without giving me problems. Best Weight Distribution Hitch With Sway Control For Travel Trailers in 2022. The best weight distribution hitch models come ready-to-use right out of the box. With other hitches, the sway control function can essentially lock your trailer straight and it must be manually disengaged for tight turns or navigating into a campsite. After coming to this conclusion, its time to select the correct product. Best Budget-Friendly: EAZ LIFT 48053 Elite Bent Bar Weight Distributing Hitch. Part of its stable characteristics is because of its round spring bars. One of the reasons for this noise reduction is the fact that this hitch doesnt use chains to attach to the tongue of your trailer. Connected trailers and RVs dont move around a lot when connected to this hitch. Weight distribution hitches aim to correct load imbalance issues, thereby reducing or preventing potential road incidents. Not only will this save you money, but it will also lead to an easier ride and prevent some significant issues. How to Find the Best Scooter for RV Camping. Benefits and Drawbacks of Weight Distribution Hitches? The rule of thumb is 10% to 12% of the trailer's weight must be on the tongue where it hitches to your vehicle. A larger weight distribution hitch can overload the trailers gross axle weight (GAW). This makes it super easy to install. It is compatible with other trailer tongues, however. Most Common: EAZ LIFT 2. Weight carrying hitches tend to be usable for all trailer classes. I am not sure you have a problem. Thus, an accurate reading is always a must. If youre in search of a weight distribution hitch with a high gross trailer weight rating, look no further than the CURT 17063 MV Round Bar hitch. Unlike many hitches, the spring bars on this one are top-loading. Either way, the resistance created is designed to keep your trailer in a straight line. How Does An RV Refrigerator Work? You need a weight-distribution hitch if you notice any signs of improper weight distribution. With a preinstalled hitch ball, compatibility is a non-issue. The spring bars on this hitch are tapered to provide more even weight distribution over your trailer axles. If your actual tongue weight is much less than what your hitch is rated for, it can actually make towing unpredictable and more dangerous. The weight distribution hitch will not compensate for other issues, such as an imbalance load, but most hitches on the market do their job well. Its sway control is a breeze to assemble and install, and it works as intended. Other essential features that come with this kit include the necessary amount of bolts and clips. Another drawback to watch out for is inefficient leveling. Equal-i-zer 4-point Sway Control : Most reliable & user friendly Hitch 5. This is uncommon amongst this type of hitch but it serves to provide a smoother ride. The bars use positive latching action to attach to your trailer tongue and the round spring bars on this hitch are machine tapered and forged longer for added strength and durability. This is an independent, unofficial site. It comes with an adjustable ball mount but does not include the hitch ball itself. Also, its essential to consider the brakes on the towing vehicle. link to Do Weight Distribution Hitches Wear Out? The Husky 32218 Center Line TS has a maximum tongue weight rating of 1,200 pounds and a maximum gross weight rating of 12,000 pounds. But, if your tow vehicles maximum allowable tow ball weight is lesser than the required amount, then you need a weight distribution hitch. Attach Your Trailer and Re-Measure. See Inside This Renovated 1983 Scamp Trailer. The bars on this hitch, however, are actually interchangeable. 6000 lbs is the dry weight of the M26 - you need to plan the WD based on the loaded weight, so use the GVWR as the estimated weight. We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. This feature is also easy to disassemble when its not needed. It takes advantage of a unique mechanism to transfer weight across its construction. Out of that experience, this site, GoTogetherGoFar.com, was born. If our content is helpful to you, we'd really appreciate it if you use our links. It takes just minutes to connect and disconnect to this hitch, which gives you the freedom to drop your trailer or vehicle without any added headaches. I would like to know, if I used the higher weight hitch on a lower weight . I can get a 12,000 pound with 800 to 1200 pound tongue weight rated. It has a maximum gross trailer weight limit of 14,000 pounds which is the highest of all of our options. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. This website is not affiliated with or endorsed by Jayco, Inc. or any of its affiliates. We also offer trunnion bar hitches and round bar hitches. Fastway 92-00-1000 e2 2-Point Trunnion Hitch. Shank: Provides an adjustable mount that can be moved down or up to match the tow vehicle's height.. Head: Connects the spring bars to the shank.. Spring Bars: these are the tension points that do the weight distribution and help . If you love your weight distribution hitch but can't stand the . For example, if your towing vehicle or caravan has a high tow ball load of about 250 kg, then the attached hitch might create an imbalance. Most of these hitches weight at least 100 pounds, but some are considerably heavier while others are noticeably lighter. View cart for details. Others might require additional hardware to be compatible with your specific trailer-vehicle combination. Mount the brackets onto the trailers frame with bolts. With weight distribution, that weight gets spread to the front axle of your towing vehicle and the axles of your trailer itself. The Reese 49913 Wd Rb Pro round bar hitch is a great option if youre looking for a weight distribution hitch with a preinstalled hitch ball. Traditional: Equal-i-zer The Best Weight Distribution Hitches for RVs - Conclusion Weight Distribution Hitches Guide Considerations & Information Do you need a Weight Distribution Hitch? This can add hours to your travels and seriously impact your route choices. What are the main problems with towing a trailer without a weight distribution hitch? This can cause several issues in other areas, potentially canceling the benefits of using a weight weight-distribution. 10" Shnk 2 5/16" Bal. Learn more, Written by Philip Lopez / Fact checked by Paul Lemaire. The head should be in a raised position to make the trailer balls top one to three inches above the coupler. This weight distributing hitch is all about giving the best value, longevity, and performance. Weight Distribution Hitches. How does weight distribution really work? The back of your trailer will be noticeably higher than the front once its loaded onto your trailer hitch. Trailer truck drivers in search of an excellent solution to significantly reduce sway from towed loads should opt for this kit. Lift the coupling point where the coupler meets the trailer ball with a trailer jack. But the best ways to ensure safer towing are to purchase a quality weight distribution hitch and apply some of those safe driving techniques. This kit has a design that doesnt require users to disassemble the device to back up. If the measurement is negative, you need to drop the . These seemingly tiny objects might become potential hazards that may ruin the hitchs durability and performance. Blue Ox. Campers and Campfires uses this hitch and finds that it provides a smooth ride. It should also work with any car with a 2 inch receiver. Thus, this kit offers excellent value despite its expensive price. This hitch from Reese comes into the market with a fairly reasonable price tag. I also keep up with the newest RVing gadget innovations so that I can promptly evaluate and recommend the best options. The Gross Trailer Weight is usually located on a sticker on the trailer. Attempting to tow a trailer that is far too long for your towing vehicle is also a surefire way to experience more sway. All Rights Reserved. Annoying noise can be an issue with other sway bars and weight distribution products, but thats not the case with this hitch. This can free up some space in your trailer, allowing you to haul a heavier load. A weight distribution hitch already puts more pressure on trailer tires, depending on how tight or stiff you make your trailer connection. It should also come with a clear instruction manual thats written precisely in the language youre most comfortable with. This indicates when you must incorporate a weight-distribution hitch in your towing setup. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Best For Quiet Use: Husky 32218 Center Line TS with Spring Bars, 4. If the built-in tow ball weight can already handle the load to be pulled, then theres no need to add to the existing force. Driving or backing up during foul weather doesnt hinder this hitch from performing magnificently. As mentioned most hitches come with a standard shank which allows for 3-4 positions above or below the hitch receiver. Yet another excellent feature that comes with this product is its dual sway control platform. As we stated in our initial reviews, we stand by the Blue Ox BXW1000 as the best overall weight distribution hitch. Do I Need A Heated RV Sewer Hose For Winter Camping, 5 Great Diesel Space Heaters For Campervan Conversions And RVs, RV Antenna: 6 Best TV Antenna For RVs, Camper & Travel Trailers In 2023, Best 12V Battery Powered Air Conditioner for Van Life. I recommend this model for anyone looking for hitches that bring peace of mind during drives. One characteristic to note is its sway control, allowing connected trailers to stay wobble-free during drives. Do You Know How Long To Keep Fresh Water In RV Tank Storage? Step 2: Attach the WD shank and hitch head. Depending on the type you have..sometimes you can install the part that goes in the hitch on truck, upside down to get it lower where needed and then reinstall everything else back to the way it is supposed to be on it. You will reduce weight if you choose to lower the height of your hitch ball to allow the tow vehicle to tow as levelly as feasible. The trailer will not drift even in 40mph winds. Use a pipe or narrow piece of timber to concentrate the weight at the correct location. It also has the added advantage of being very adaptable ot many trailer types because the brackets are easily installed around gas tanks and battery boxes that are sometimes mounted on the trailer tongue. For example, towing a trailer with an SUV thats less than one-third of the trailers length is just asking for trouble. And this positioning can place even more stress on the hitch and its components. Trunnion-style hitches have much more ground clearance than a round bar or Andersen hitch. A nice addition to this product is its 10-year limited warranty. This Andersen hitch is the first to include both anti-sway features and a motion dampening system that keeps your trailer from bouncing up and down at higher speeds. They provide steel-on-steel friction for 2 point sway control that constantly works to combat unnecessary wobbling. Almost all weight distribution hitches have some form of sway control. As a result, the product handles loads without encountering unwanted stress. Best Lightweight: Fastway 10K RB Fastway e2 2-point Sway Control Distribution Hitch. 1. Still, if you want to go with my recommendation, consider choosing the Blue Ox BXW1500. Without the weight distribution hitch, a trailer causes your tow vehicles front end to lift. Sure! So an Equal-i-zer kit like the part # EQ37060ET which has a . Dont forget to check out our Recommended RV Equipment list! Still, this hitch can connect to a wide range of vehicles. It does provide a maximum rise, however, of seven inches. The shank size is 2 x 2 with a 10-inch length, a 2.5-inch drop, and a 5.5-inch rise. Another extreme is the trailer's front being too light and driving the truck's rear up. In doing so, they created a system that automatically disengages the sway control function when you turn. ANDERSEN 3350: Best Universal Anti Sway Hitch 3. When it really comes down to making a final decision on a hitch, we know that its price is going to come into play. When your trailer begins to swing, the downward force created by the hitchs spring bars creates frictional resistance on the brackets connected to your trailer frame. In more extreme cases, it can actually cause your trailer to flip over and, when this happens, it often takes your tow vehicle with it. These kits dont allow towing vehicles backing up because the motion can potentially damage their systems. This hitch is a complete package for sway control, weight distribution, and quality craftsmanship. Keep in mind that exceeding the maximum tow ball weight is both hazardous and illegal. In order to improve sound on the road, this hitch includes an integrated lubrication system. Additionally, the air pressure of your tires can have an impact on trailer sway. The thing about weight distribution hitches on a Sienna is that. Thankfully, this product is quite lightweight compared to other models. Use a sheet or tarp as these fabrics keep debris from falling into the frame. Best Combination Hitch. But, the motion might only be possible if youre reversing in a straight line. If its hard to find these ratings for a particular model, thats an automatic red flag. $1,44995. This article explains the adverse effects of using a weight-distribution hitch that is too big. Sadly, this is the result of the "fad" of raising up the truck to look "cool", even from the factory. I contribute to studies aimed at understanding the most typical problems encountered by RVers on the road. Lithium batteries are the pinnacle of leisure, RV, and solar batteries todayprimarily because of their longevity and efficiency. For instance, if a 2,000-pound conventional trailer is loaded with 1,000 pounds of cargo, the proper tongue weight of the loaded trailer should be between 300 and 450 pounds, or 10-15 percent of the loaded 3,000-pound total. It means that the vehicle towing the trailer would always have its wheels firmly planted on the road. Therefore, no additional purchases might be necessary to help reduce wobbles during drives. While these hitches arent overly complicated, theres still quite a bit to learn if youre buying your first one. B) Rest the spacer 300mm from the brick and 600mm from the scales. I recommend this product to introduce these advantages to your trailer and RV-driving needs. RV Bumper Mount Grills: 5 Best Options For Your RV Or Camper, Best Electric Tankless Water Heater for Your RV. Should You Cover Your RV During The Winter Or summer? Its not impacted by high winds too small of a surface area for its weight. EAZ brings over 50 years of hitch-manufacturing expertise into this product. I elected not to use a wdh because of the cost of an extended shank and ordered just sway control and an adapter ball instead. Seems like we have had alot of questions about hitches lately. But other hitches dont come with everything you need to start using them immediately. Additionally, this distribution hitch has one of the best tension strengths Ive experienced in this type of product. Sacrificing quality in place of saving a few bucks may result in uneven weight distribution, raising the likelihood of potential hazards happening. Again, be careful to trust the law of averages when it comes to consulting these reviews. All the carefully packed belongings and furniture in the trailer are going to get thrown everywhere with this towing scenario. This is the ULTIMATE hitch in detail and design. CURT offers three weight distribution hitch options. I couldn't find that number for an M26, but based on the axles and other data, it's probably about 9500 lb. Facebook Instagram Twitter Linkedin Youtube. Showering In An RV: 5 Ways To Improve The Experien You Won't Believe The Interior Of This Renovated A 10 Off Road Accessories Every Camper Needs. Install on frames with a vertical height of up to 6 inches. You must pick a weight distribution system with a weight range that matches or slightly exceeds the trailer's tongue weight. Most manuals should provide instructions in multiple languages, but this is indeed something to check on before buying. But we also think its important to point out that what were really talking about here is an investment into your personal safety, your familys safety, and the safety of the investments youve made in your trailer and your tow vehicle. But it can actually handle a gross weight up to 16,000 pounds when installed with the 2.5-inch rack. Thankfully, the manufacturer includes a 5-year warranty for buyers who purchase this product from official retailers. While this hitch wont be compatible with larger trailer frames, the brackets dont require any drilling to be installed properly. If you look back at the anti sway trailer hitch reviews above, youll know that even the best kits tend to have pros and cons. While these hitches help to more evenly distribute the weight of your trailer and rear axle of your tow vehicle, they cant actually increase the maximum towing capacity of your vehicle. Each hitch has two grease fittings that provide frequent lubrication to the spring bars, reducing friction between parts. The included trailer ball also comes pre-torqued, improving installation time further. When selecting a weight distribution hitch, make sure to choose one with a relatively simple install process. When it comes time to add a weight-distribution hitch, choose one with an appropriate rating. But, its not too heavy that it would require heavy equipment to install. The other main problem with towing without a weight distribution system is sway. These weights should be relatively easy to find in the specifications for your trailer, whether thats online or in the owners manual. However, its not as light as other competing products, especially if you look at its weight that goes over 100 lbs. A weight distribution hitch acts as a lever that evenly distributes weight across all axles of your rig. Andersen Mfg 3350. What Is A Weight Distribution Hitch? This is typically about 10%-15% of the gross trailer weight. Next, subtract the height of the receiver from the height of the coupler. Before anything else, ask yourself if you need a weight distribution hitch. To do this, you need to disconnect the friction control bars, which may or may not be a difficult endeavor, depending on your model. Look into whether youll need to manually adjust for different camper weights or if the WDH will self-adjust. Calculating tongue weight using this range makes finding a weight-distribution hitch easier. Hence, using load distribution hitches promotes fewer road accidents that might be caused by inefficient weight allocations. Its also replaceable with other shanks, promoting excellent flexibility. We are compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. But, coming in a close second, wed also highly recommend the Camco Eaz-Lift ReCurve R6 hitch. Best Portable Air Conditioner for Camping for 2022, How to Find the Best 3500 Watt Inverter Generator for RV Camping. Adjust the tilt of the hitch head if the distance drastically changed during the installation. Weight Distribution Hitch Drop Bramic71 Apr 5, 2022 Apr 5, 2022 #1 Bramic71 Senior Member Joined Mar 29, 2019 Posts 203 Reaction score 72 Location Pace, FL Ram Year 2016 Engine Hemi 5.7 Hello. You just may need to purchase additional bolt-on latches or an optional hitch head to ensure safe towing. The primary purpose for a Weight Distribution Hitch is to balance the tongue weight over both axles of the tow vehicle so that steering and braking . This type of hitch features round sway bars that attach to the bottom of the trailer ball mount. A major issue here is wear on the tires, similar to what occurs when you use a weight-distribution hitch that is too big.
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