November 9, 2022 shares Carnival Cruise Lines second Excel-class ship, Carnival Celebration, builds upon the success of her sister ship, Mardi Gras. Some ships even have venues that are open for lunch and not for dinner. A small quantity of non-alcoholic beverages (i.e., sparkling water, sodas, juice, and milk) packaged in cans or cartons may be brought onboard on embarkation day and must be in the guest's carry-on luggage. Its something I do after all the other business areas are taken care of. It is the January 16, 2023, departure date for a 10-night Eastern Caribbean cruise that is impacted by this departure change, and the ship will now be setting sail at 5 p.m. rather than the originally scheduled 6 p.m. sail away time. Carnival Cruise / Carnival Ecstasy Live Blog - Day 1 - Embarkation Day 12 August 2022 / Comments Carnival Ecstasy Live Blog - Day 1 - Embarkation Day Hello from Its FREE! The This is also when you will get your kids signed-up and, you can go over any allergies or limitations with the crew. Things like drink packages, Wi-Fi, spa services, specialty dining, shore excursions etc. You might also want to watch off the back of the ship to get some great photos of Miami or whatever port youre leaving. In this article we are going to cover the 19 things smart travelers always do on the embarkation day of their cruise. Carnival is also working to expand testing capabilities at the terminal for vaccinated guests, specifically for short itineraries (three and four day cruises). Theres nothing like that excitement of being on a cruise ship for the first time. This rule applies only to passengers age 21 or over; minors cannot bring, carry or consume alcohol at any time aboard a Carnival cruise ship, per U.S. law. Packed bottles must be no more than 750 First, make sure to download the Carnival Cruise App for your embarkation day at least a week before, so you can get your Carnival paperwork filled out and printed! This can depend on the port or terminal on how they enforce this. Please arrive promptly within your Arrival Appointment to reduce your wait time in line. The December 4 departure, however, also has a 6 p.m. departure time for a 10-night Eastern Caribbean sailing. Another perk of jumping in the pool right away on embarkation day is that they arent usually that busy. Italian tortellini salad , basic and simple but an easy 10 at any party or celebration, Penne allArrabbiata, first attempt at this but it came out beautifully, Lunch the other day , deglazed some garlic and shallots in beef stock and made a simple sauce for the fusilli , went very well added some peppers for a fun addition of color. Figure out where guest services and the theater are. This will help you know its exact location and also if the location needs to be changed for one reason or another. She's taking you along on embarkation day. This will give you an idea of what future theater productions will be like and give you some introduction to the important people on your cruise. The location will also be listed on your boarding pass. CARNIVAL HORIZON - Embarkation Day and Room Tour 7389 Ocean Suite #carnival #carnivalcruise Its Embarkation day on Carnival Horizon, and everything was pretty smooth at the terminal, all the way until I faced the elevators chaos! Related: Cheapest weeks of the year to cruise. On the rare occurrence that your luggage gets lost or does not show up in your stateroom right away you need to be able to have access to any medications, documents, and devices you will need in the meantime. Im an American living in Italy and this is my first attempt at making Cassata, my favorite Italian dessert. Youre on vacation after all. Guests booked on that cruise may want to check with the cruise line closer to the sailing date to confirm their departure time. More often, ships are late departing due to issues such as fog delaying the ships return to port, as happened with three cruise ships delayed in Tampa on January 2, or crowding at the cruise terminal that delays passenger processing, as has happened recently with the new cruise terminal in Galveston. Carnival Cruise Line will begin to use VeriFLY for cruises on their newest and largest cruise ship, Mardi Gras, this weekend. Please Read: COVID-related Discussion. We make sure cruisers are fully prepared for their cruise vacation with tips on ships and ports. Related: Tips for using Wi-Fi on cruise ships. You can pick them up on Amazon pretty cheaply (Affiliate Link). We will be on the Horizion on November 11th. Most passengers head straight for the buffet area, so that will be the most crowded place to eat. Tune in and see how things go on her first cruise in over two years. 65% hydration. Various requirements and policy changes have made boarding day slightly different than what you might be expecting. Its important to do this on day one so you know what the cruise ship actually offers. Since you will probably and should probably have a porter take your large pieces of luggage for you (more on this later), make sure you always keep the essentials on-hand. Once the pilot at Port Canaveral is complete, the cruise line intends to move quickly to implement the solution across its fleet. Proper cutting technique is often overlooked a simple and short breakdown. This will vary by cruise line, but I recommend you get on the app and see what activities or shows you want to try out that require a reservation. You know, the one you printed off at home and is made out of paper. Booking a pre-cruise hotel near your cruise port takes all the stress and hassle out of a day that will be rather busy. Two brothers started Cruise Fever in 2011 when they decided they couldn't stop cruising so they might as well write about it. At check-in, you must present your boarding pass, picture ID and citizenship documents (including any necessary visas). I am hoping that my experiences and tips will make it an easy transition to your next vacation/holiday! I always like to have an extra change of clothing in my carry-on as well in the event this happens. Guests who have planned to arrive at the port at the last minute a common tactic to avoid crowds at the terminal will need to be especially careful to arrive at the appropriate earlier time so as not to miss the ship. Note that no plastic bottles of water or other beverages are allowed. Many dont realize that even main dining rooms are often open for lunch and its a much quieter way to get some sustenance after a long day of handling logistics. Complete your pre-cruise documents online, pre-purchase add-ons, and enroll your kids in The 3 Cruise Ships Being Added to Carnival Cruise Lines Fleet, A Few Things on Carnival Cruise Ships Will Soon Cost More, Carnival Cruise Line Playing Big Part in New Years Eve Celebration in Times Square, Royal Caribbean Rolling Out New Menus to All Cruise Ships, Cruise Line Offering 2 Cruises to Experience Solar Eclipse in 2024, 6 Weeks of Cruises Cancelled for Norwegian Cruise Ship. #bonvoyageletsadventure #choosefun #carnival50thsailabration, Thanks for watching and consider subscribing for new travel tips, extend your cruise ideas and cruise destinations PLUS INSPIRATION! Millions of travelers rely on Cruise Hive in the United States, Europe, Australia, and around the world. #shorts #cooking #food, Italy wine tour! Get a drink, take a breath, and try to find the fun in the chaos. peperoni pizza #viralshorts # italianpizza #homemade #foodnetwork #howtomake #baking #cooking #, Pesto Rigatoni for Illiterate Man Children, Italian and Albanian food#cookingvideo #cooking #cookingathome #cookingideas, Moving to Tuscany & Italian Food | Chat with Dena of @MiciaMammas | #liveinitaly, Authentic Italian Lasagna Bolognese #shorts, Now THIS is a traditional Sardinian food menu! When you check in online you need to fill out a Carnival Cruise Health Questionaire the night before to say you are COVID free and vaccinated. Its just a great way to see whats going on around the ship and stay on top of your account. three cruise ships delayed in Tampa on January 2, adjusted some port departure and arrival times, Cruising to Qatar Expected to Be More Popular Than Ever in 2023, Viking Details 180-Day World Cruise That Visits 37 Countries, Holland America Line Makes Major Entertainment Changes, MSC Cruise Ship Makes History at Arabian Gulf Port. Start Exploring Usually the luggage arrives within a few hours if you have an early check in time (see tip #1) and that means you dont have to carry it around with you before your stateroom is open. Come prepared with the list of restaurants at which you want to eat, including preferred days and times to enjoy your specialty dining experience. Would this really work? This is just my opinion, but if you get to the ship before 2:00 you should check your bags with the curbside porters. There could be several reasons why Carnival Sunshine may need to leave early on Monday. , Spaghetti Bolognese | Special Cuisine of Italy by Chef Shahid| Milkyz food Recipes, Most popular restaurant in Las Vegas is Esthers Kitchen Arts District Chef James Trees Italian food, Fearghal Said WHAT About Italian Food?! Deck 17. Our favorites here are the Cucumber Sunrise and the Chipotle Pineapple Martini. Here are some things that you should do to make the most out of your cruise. You dont want to have to rely on your signal strength and delay the process. With many lines like Royal Caribbean and Carnival, guests simply need to watch a presentation on their phones and find their way to their muster station where a crew member will record their attendance. In all the hustle and bustle its important not to forget the person who will be cleaning up after you all week. Often the earliest times are around 10:30am or 11:00am. Youll find this bar on every Carnival ship. St. Thomas is the first of five ports Carnival Sunshine will visit in five consecutive days, before spending two more days at sea and returning to Charleston on Thursday, January 26. The buffet will never look this chaotic again for the rest of your cruise. Phone signal or Wi-Fi signal in terminal may not be strong, although many newer terminals have Wi-Fi throughout. At this time, there have been no additional changes to the ships itinerary, port visit times, or its planned arrival back in South Carolina. Just show up to meet your servers for your cruise (if you have a set dining time) and to enjoy the food your ship has to offer. I always try to make sure my first encounter with my cabin steward is a positive one, not one where I have this huge problem and need it fixed right away. You can do it as soon as you board, after you have lunch, or whenever you feel like it. 2500 year old Testaroli. to your room. Most of the venues on the ships other than the MDR and the Steakhouse tend to be open on embarkation day for lunch. Two brothers started Cruise Fever in 2011 when they decided they couldn't stop cruising so they might as well write about it. Thank you! What is required to take a 3 day Carnival cruise from Long Beach to Ensenada, Mexico? Better pack some extra loose buffet pants and Tums. When you 2. All guests must be on board by the Final Boarding time printed on the boarding pass or they will not be permitted to sail. But if your luggage isnt huge and you are getting on board after 2:00 we usually just carry it on and drop it in the room on the way to the buffet. what is the carnival cruise embarkation process like. Since the start, it's been our aim to provide the latest cruise news covering all the major cruise lines. Orwhatever you want. This allows you to get the most for your money and enjoy your first day on board! Love Cruise Fever?Sign Up to Our FREE Newsletter! First time cruising Carnival. Early departures are relatively rare for cruise ships. There is usually a welcome aboard show in the main theater. This is a fun activity where you can guess which martini is which and try some fun flavors. Love Cruise Fever?Sign Up to Our FREE Newsletter! Solo traveling. 20/12/2022 Online Wine Tasting with Alyssa Vitrano aka Grapefriend! This could be troublesome for guests who planned to arrive at the port at the last minute, but there are a few days for travelers to modify their plans for an on-time arrival. Carnival currently allows one bottle of wine and up to a dozen cans or boxes (12 oz or less) of sparkling water, soda, energy or protein drinks, juice, and milk per person. Incredibly satisfying, quick and easy. I always say Im heading for a salad first and to Guys next for a burgerbut I usually skip the first part of that and end up with a burger in my face before I know what happened. Carnival Cruise Line has reached out to guests setting sail on Carnival Sunshine on January 16, 2023, to notify them that the ship will be leaving early, and guests boarding Carnival Cruise Line is making a good change to embarkation day in regards to the muster drill that all cruisers are required to attend before their cruise ship leaves port. Group Cruise 2023: Virgin Voyages see info My Travel Agent Services? As the ship leaves port, there is a sail-away party on the lido deck with music and dancing and great people watching opportunities. Carnival Sunshine is homeported from Charleston, South Carolina, offering a variety of roundtrip cruises to The Bahamas and the occasional longer Eastern Caribbean itinerary. Additionally, if you book a hotel that is near the cruise port you can often get free or very inexpensive transportation to the port as part of your stay. It is standard procedure for guests to need to be onboard the ship an hour before setting sail, so the cruise line can be sure all guests have properly completed the muster drill, all cargo and luggage are properly loaded, and the ship has appropriate clearance to depart the port. No one enjoys being outside in a crowded area when its 90 degrees waiting for the drill to start. A problem some lines have run into though is that some passengers still fail to report to their muster stations. Remember order at least two appetizers. Can you go early? Choose an early check-in time This is more of a before you board tip, but probably the most important one. Hahaha Also on this video enjoy the Room Tour of my Ocean Suite #7389 and a great crazy night with friends! Cruises, planes, trains, automobiles! You might want to save a few dollars by carrying all your luggage onto the ship yourself, but dont. The Carnival Hub App allows you to use ship wi-fi to do certain things while you are onboard. Wondering what you should you expect on embarkation day on a Carnival Cruise ship? Find a home on the counters for anything you will need daily. Having a bathing suit in your carry-on is always a good ideas as well. Prof. Cruise. 2011-2023, Cruise Fever . But unless you are looking for something specific, take some time on the first day to just walk around the ship. Best Embarkation Day Shirts For Any Cruise, Ultimate Guide to Food on Carnival Cruise Ship, What to pack for a winter cruise in the Caribbean. Even if you drive to the port some hotels will allow you to keep your car there during your vacation. Shops, bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues are all open on the first night. Also know that weapons and any illegal substances in your bags will just slow down your boarding day process (which could be the least of your worries), so know what is allowed and what isnt. Carnivals safety video features the cruise lines one and only Chief Fun Officer, Shaq. VeriFLY by Daon is now widely used in the airline industry, and it will allow Carnival Cruise Line guests to upload their proof of vaccination and testing information so that it can be verified in advance of the sailing resulting in a streamlined embarkation experience at the terminal. All rights reserved, Carnival Cruise Line Is Making a Good Change to Embarkation Day, 19 Things You Should Do on Cruise Embarkation Day in 2023, Carnival Cruise Ship Headed to Dry Dock Later This Week, Cruise Line Announces Epic 6 Month Cruise That Visits 37 Countries and 85 Ports, Most Popular Cruise Lines and Ships of 2022: Report Released by CruiseCompete, Cruise Line Pushes Back Test Cruise and Restart Date. You can delay, but you cant get out of it and they will hassle you until you show up. Alchemy Bar is a Carnivals signature high-end cocktail bar. Do you have Cruise Fever too? Some cruise lines (like Royal Caribbean) allow you to do this 45 days before your cruise and for others its 14 days before, so check with your cruise line so you know how soon you can do this. Some links are affiliate links where we'll earn a small commission if you make a purchase at NO additional cost to you. Jon lives in the foothills of North Carolina and wishes there were a cruise port that far inland. Embarkation day specials. 2011-2023, Cruise Fever . Things like drink packages, Wi-Fi, spa services, specialty dining, shore excursions etc. What next? Any allowed beverages you plan on bringing onboard. Want to hit a hot tub or pool right away? Related: 12 Tips To Help You Ace Your Cruise Embarkation Day 1. Feudo Maccari Winery in Sicily, interview with Alberto and Amedeo Cuseri. Note: Once youre on the ship you may notice how crowded the atrium area can be. This is especially true in the spa area. Homemade pepperoni Pizza (24hr room temp). The embarkation day Related: Tips for booking shore excursions. Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. Here is how it will work. Or a Pina Colada. I used the COVID home test by Abbott labs that has a video conferencing and they send you the results in 15 minutes. This is especially important if youre traveling in a group and would like a table to seat everyone, or even if youre traveling as a couple and would like a table for two. You can use the folder on your phone or other apps to have copies of your documents that are accessible off-line even if you dont have a signal. Has a lot changed?Stay locked in and find out. This is my favorite part. I have a video on how to do that here . If youve ever had a bad embarkation day experience you know how important the information below is going to be to new cruisers. This has lead to the frustration of captain and crew as ships have tight schedules to keep. Start your trip off right with a good introduction with your cabin steward. On January 13, Carnival restarted operations from another homeport, with Carnival Sunshine returning to its year-round schedule from Charleston, SC. Embarkation Day on a Carnival Cruise 1. If you missed the video where she annouced this cruise check it out here: We're Alex and Melissa!We love to travel and enjoy great food.Please subscribe to our channel if that sounds like something you would enjoy as well.We thank you for being here.Please give this video a like and leave us a comment below. #shorts Cajun Shrimp Scampi Evergreen, Colorado, Shopping Terminal 21, nice italian dinner and wine tasting Shiraz from Korat, Fresh Dungeness crab for Italian Seafood week. Carnival Cruise Line is adding a new embarkation day pilot program as they become the worlds largest cruise line to use VeriFLY solution for cruises from the U.S. Either Cucina del Capitano or Jiji's. Amazon Store: Lynettes LookDress: Lynettes Hair: Swimsuit: Romper Coverup: Shoes: Tee: Swim: Cover Up: Mask: Crown:'s LooksSunglasses: Trunks: Fun Travel Agency: Equipment Used In This Video:Sony ZV1 - HERO9 Black - you new to our channel? The Hotel was:SpringHill Suite Tampa North/ I-75 Tampa Palms5396 Primrose Lake CircleTampa, FL 33647For Business inquiries and collaborations please e-mail us: Want to send us Happy Mail? What are our options for lunch on embarkation day? In recent weeks, Norwegian Cruise Line has also adjusted some port departure and arrival times in the name of better fuel efficiency to lower emissions. But many ships have other places you can grab a bite to eat on embarkation day as well. It will take a few minutes to fill out a few forms, but doing this on day one makes it easier later on when its time to drop your kids off and scurry away to watch a show. Follow along on this incredible voyage! Related: How to find the best cruise cabins. If you need the room setup a certain way, need extra pillows, or have any other kinds of needs you can let them know on day one. Holland America Line: Passengers must be 21 years of age on embarkation day to travel on their own. of our favorites. The Cruise Parking we used was:Parkway Tampa Cruise Parking1101 N. 26th St. Tampa, FL 33605The cost was $61.08. I made the first Italian Pasta! I perfected my Neapolitan but looking for a *less* chewy and more crispy dough how? Hopefully youre already in your port city (or at least close by). Group Cruise 2023: Virgin Voyages see info My Travel Agent Services? Carnival Radiance Cruise Ship: Embarkation DAy. Find your dining room. If you have a fixed dining time for your cruise you can head over to the main dining room and see where your table is. But its easier now than ever to comply with the requirements of the lifeboat drill using an app on your phone or your staterooms TV. You should pre-book everything you know you will want to do or have on your cruise. With all the excitement and anticipation that leads up to this very first day of your cruise vacation its important to make sure youre ready for the all-important embarkation process. 0:00 START 1:00 WHAT TO DO BEFORE YOU GET TO THE LONG BEACH TERMINAL 1:39 COVID-19 AG CARD HOME TEST 1:59 VERIFLY APP 3:32 LONG BEACH TERMINAL CHECK IN PROCEDURE 4:42 MUSTER STATION DRILL WHAT HAPPENS 5:41 BUFFET FOOD AND PIZZERIA CAPITANO/POOL QUICK LOOK 6:16 ROOM CLOUD 9 SPA BALCONY QUICK LOOK 7:29 CHECK OUT DINING ROOM/ CHANGE RESERVATIONS 10:41 SAILAWAY PARTY HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY CARNIVAL 11:46 MY TIME DINING BRIEF FOOD LOOK 12:06 EMBARKATION FINAL THOUGHTS.
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